Sample Student Multimodal Projects

Below are links to a number of student multimodal projects focusing on fandom and other aspects of new media.  They were completed for at least three different classes, ranging from introductory level to advanced.  The student-authors below created these projects at different points in their academic career, including at least one first-year student and two graduating seniors.

Keep in mind that the assignments for which these projects were created are all slightly different, so don’t spend too much time or effort trying to compare these to your project.  Instead, look for aspects of other MMPs that you think are particularly effective (or, alternatively, particularly ineffective), and then try to emulate (or avoid) those in your own work.

Without further ado and in no particular order . . .

Fan Labor in the Modern Age

Fannibals: TV Fandom & Paratexts

Magic as Technology in Harry Potter

What  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Community fans can teach us about fandom and  new media technologies

Modding of the Female Form

May The Fans Be With You

Original’ Content: A Multimodal Exploration Of The Web Series and Web TV

Leftover Popcorn: The Rise and Decline of the Cinematic Empire



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