Bibliography Checklist

Detail of Brian Dettmer’s “Webster Two Point Oh”

Please review the bullet list below when finalizing and formatting your bibliography page:

  • the Bibliography is set up as its own page (i.e., not it’s own post)
  • the Bibliography page appears as the last page a reader will encounter if proceeding sequentially through your MMP
  • the Bibliography includes all the sources you consulted in the process of conducting research for your project
  • all sources are arranged in alphabetical order by primary author’s (last) name or, by first key word of the title if no author is identified
  • all URLs are active hyperlinks that direct to the correct source
  • lengthy URLs appear in shortened form or linked onto key words of text
  • all hyperlinks open in a new page
  • titles of books, journals, newspapers, films, television series, albums, etc. are italicized or underlined
  • titles of songs, individual television episodes, individual blog posts, essays from collections/anthologies, and articles appearing in journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. are placed in quotation marks

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